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An ISO/OSHAS Certified and NABL Accredited Organisation          An ISO/OSHAS Certified and NABL Accredited Organisation

Ambient Airquality Monitoring

Ambient air monitoring and testing in chennai is the systematic, long-term assessment of pollutant levels by measuring the quantity and types of certain pollutants in the surrounding and the outdoor air.

We talk to our customers about their specific needs and tailor the ambient air quality monitoring system accordingly.

Air Quality Monitoring in chennai helps in assessing the level of pollution in relation to the ambient air quality standards.

Ambient Air Quality Testing or monitoring is a process of measuring the pollutants present in atmosphere. The process of ambient air quality monitoring ensures healthiness and safety of the work environment (indoor or outdoor)

What is ambient air quality testing in chennai?

Ambient air quality is also called as outdoor air quality testing is the quality of air- mixture of the gases present in the ambient air caused by smoke, fumes ,dust, gases, , aerosols and other odorous substances. Ambient air quality standards need to be followed as pollutants in the air may harn nature, human and animals.

What is Air Quality Monitoring in chennai?

Air quality monitoring is the process of assessment of pollutants present in atmosphere by their quantity and types as per air quality standards. Air quality monitoring helps us to take action based on pollutants present in atmosphere to improve air quality

Why Ambient Air Quality Monitoring or Testing in chennai is Required in industries?

Ambient air quality monitoring is the systematic assessment of pollutant levels in the work environment. By measuring the air quality level, we can able to find the pollution level in the atmosphere • Assess the extent of air pollution and type of air pollution in the work environment • We can able to provide air pollution data • We can control the level of pollution and implement air quality standards • Evaluate and implement emission control strategies • Help ensure worker safety and regulatory compliance with reliable technology • Measures air quality, levels of pollutants other gases and other toxins present in the air


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