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An ISO/OSHAS Certified and NABL Accredited Organisation          An ISO/OSHAS Certified and NABL Accredited Organisation

Environment Management Plan (EMP)

The Environmental Management Plan (EMP) covers the design, construction, commissioning, and operation and maintenance phases of each project.

The EMP identifies the key environmental issues across the project and provides strategies and plans for managing them effectively.

EMP is a practical and achievable plan of management to ensure that any environmental impact during all the phases is minimized and lead in the direction of sustainable development. EMP is a document that sets out required actions in terms of environmental issues during demolition and construction.

Key areas usually addressed include; noise, vibration, air/dust, construction traffic, waste management (minimisation, reuse, recycle, disposal), neighbourhood liaison, material storage & handling, and energy and water efficiency.


All our operations are controlled by efficiently networked and state-of-the-ERPto enhance the overall productivity of the organization.