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An ISO/OSHAS Certified and NABL Accredited Organisation          An ISO/OSHAS Certified and NABL Accredited Organisation

Environmental Statement Form V

Environmental statement is the process of self-Inspection for Improvement in Processes and Reduction in Waste over the last year. We offer Services in Environmental Statement and Environmental Impact Assessment.

Environmental Statement form V need to be submitted to TNPCB before submission date and It is self-Inspection for Improvement over the last year. Form V puts companies that contribute to pollution to optimize their production by improving technologies.

The only mandatory process in Environmental Statement is to fill up the Form V and submit it to Pollution Control Board.

Information Collected through Environmental Statement Form V.

Every industry should to provide Information on Production, Consumption of raw, Water, Pollutants discharged in environment, Solid and Hazardous waste with their Treatment Processes.

Important things to be reported to Pollution control board are:

  • If that company is reusing its by-products or waste material which results in Reduction in consumption of Air, Water or energy.
  • Production cost
  • Additional Investment proposals for environmental Protection i.e. up-gradation, Improvement in Process or New Equipments to reduce Environmental Pollution.

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