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An ISO/OSHAS Certified and NABL Accredited Organisation          An ISO/OSHAS Certified and NABL Accredited Organisation

Indoor Airquality

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Indoor air quality monitoring in chennai is a essential process to conclude level of contaminants present in indoor air which can affect productivity & well-being. Good and healthy Air Quality at workplace can increase worker's comfort, productivity and well-being.

Perfect Enviro Servies provide a full line of indoor air quality monitoring equipment that gauge temperature, humidity (percent RH, wet-bulb, dew point), outdoor air calculations, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and airborne particles.

How will the Indoor Air Testing in work environment help?

It is always essential to keep the work environment free of unwanted smell and gases. As a leading Indoor air quality testing professionals in Chennai, AE Labs offer Air Quality Testing done by expert professionals, equipped with all the advanced equipments making sure we provide 100% accuracy in all our test results.

How will Indoor Air quality testing improve the air quality of our work environment?

Your work place may contain many harmful chemicals from sources. Indoor air quality is a bigger health hazard than the outer air pollution. Breathing unhealthy air leads to decrease in production levels due to illness. Our advanced laboratory testing for indoor air quality in Chennai, will help you pinpoint the chemicals in the workplace and how to overcome it.

Is the Indoor Air Quality monitoring necessary In Chennai?

Studies show that the indoor air quality is more important than the outdoor air quality and indoor air hazards bring 100 times more health hazard than the outdoor air pollution, So it is always wise to monitor your indoor air quality frequently and keep the work atmosphere free of toxins.

How can I ensure that air quality is maintained in my workplace or home?

Poor air circulation and filtration can lead to bad smells in certain indoor areas such as basements and toilets. Such areas are typically damp and dark, making them the perfect spot for mold to grow. By keeping areas dry and regularly dusted not only would reduce smells but also reduce the risk of air contamination


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